Espiritu Santo

Township Of Luganville Espiritu Santo Vanuatu

Luganville is the capital of Northern Vanuatu. We now have direct fright from Brisbane to Espiritu Santo Vanuatu ever Thursday’s just 2.5 hour flight and connecting flights from Sydney. 

Luganville is the gate way to Northern Vanuatu. It is a great place to start your trip and for longer trips and residence it has everything anyone could need.

All relevant government offices form immigration if you need to existent your visa, residency or work permit. As well as customs, public works, VMF, VIPA, maritime, agriculture, tourism to name a few.

Most of the shops in town sell much the same stuff. There are a few nice supermarkets with our favourite being LCM Store, Main Street Luganville.

As luganville is all so the agriculture hud of Vanuatu we have some great agriculture supplies and hardwares. Santo Hardware been our favourite. If they don’t have it, they can order it.
For the little niceties of life. Island Duty Free. As well as been a duty free it’s also open to the public. From the favourite perfume, high end technology to the sneaky bottle Johny Blue.

For a cold beer and something to eat you have your choice from Smugglers Bar on Luganville, The Espirtu, Atar Café is not bad place for take way sandwiches if you’re off on a day tour. Natangora Café great breakfast to the hotels on the Main Street afternoon drinks at C’est la vie Lapita Beach or Hotel Santo is must. 

Just off the Main Street is the Vanuatu Tourism Office. The girls in the office are very helpful and help with most things even how to get to some those out of the way places.

It’s amazing how much Luganville has grown over the past few years. You no longer have to go to the capital Port Vila to get things down.

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