To get to Aore Island in Vanuatu, you can follow these steps:

To reach Aore Island in Vanuatu, you can follow these steps:
1. Begin by taking a short flight from Australia to Espiritu Santo in Vanuatu. Direct flights are available from Brisbane, with connecting flights from Sydney, Melbourne or Just jump on a cruise ship and spend the day in our island paradise.
2. If your flight in though Port Vila consider spending a few days at one of the resorts to relax before proceeding to Aore Island. Take advantage of the opportunity to unwind from urban life by enjoying some leisure time near the pool.
3. Upon reaching Santo, there are two primary points of access to Aore Island. The Santo Hardware wharf serves the northern tip of Aore, while St Michel Land caters to the western side. Taxis and buses provide convenient transportation to either of these landings.
4. Ferries and taxis are readily accessible from Santo to transport you to Aore Island. Transportation services can be found at the Santo Hardware Wharf or St Michel Land.
5. If your destination is Lapita Beach on Aore Island, you can utilise the facilities of Smugglers Bar in Luganville Bay or St Michel. A regular ferry service operates from the Santo Hardware Wharf to Aore Resort for those interested in enjoying a beverage or meal.
6. To arrange day tours or accommodations at Lapita Beach, you can arrange for pick-up from Sant Michel in Luganville Bay. Additionally, you can contact Lapita Beach Day Tours and Northern Vanuatu Real Estate for ferry services either by WhatsApp +6785980005 or click here.

Enjoy your trip to Aore Island in Vanuatu!