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Snorkelling Aore Island Vanuatu

It sounds like you have an amazing adventure planned for snorkeling and a boat tour at Aore Island in Vanuatu! The cruise down the Segound channel between Aore and Espritu Santo to Lapita beach sounds like a picturesque journey, and snorkeling at Lapita Plantations private marine reserve must be a fantastic experience with the virgin reef in the South Pacific.

If you’re looking for a leisurely and adventurous day out on the water, this tour seems like a perfect choice. The option for a BBQ lunch island-style at Lapita beach or Nemo Bay on Aore Island sounds delightful, and the availability of drinks on the boat adds to the overall experience.

With the opportunity to explore the marine playground and different snorkeling spots catering to various skill levels, it’s sure to be a memorable day filled with underwater wonders. The option to stay at Lapita beach in the beachfront farmhouse sounds like a dream come true for those looking to extend their island paradise experience.

Overall, it sounds like a well-rounded and exciting day tour for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the beauty of Aore Island and its surrounding waters. Enjoy your adventure in Vanuatu!

Don’t forget if you want stay in our island paradise know as Lapita beach we have our beachfront farm house available for holiday let click here

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8,000 Vatu per adult
4,000 Vatu per child*
2 - 6 guests
4 hours
+6785980005 or WhatsApp

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