Nemo Bay Beach Farè Aore Island

Aore Island, Lapita Plantation
Island Tour Adventure Cruise Snorkeling & Diving
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Nemo Bay Beach Farè on Aore Island is a genuine paradise! With its pristine white sandy beach, clear azure waters, and flourishing marine ecosystem, this spot is ideal for both relaxation and discovery. The presence of gentle corals and the option to rent snorkeling gear enhance its appeal for water sports enthusiasts.

The exclusive day retreat features sun loungers, hammocks, and a guest restroom nestled amidst the lush jungle, adding a touch of convenience to the escape. Each beach fare can host up to 6 guests.

Whether you choose to arrive by boat along the scenic Segound channel or by Land Cruiser through the Lapita plantation and jungle path, the journey to Nemo Bay Beach Farè Aore Island promises an adventure in itself. It is truly a destination that seamlessly blends serene tranquility with thrilling exploration, inviting nature lovers to lose themselves in its splendour.

Embark on the day excursion from St Michel Landing, Beachfront Resort, Aore Island Resort, or Ratua Resort, where you will be whisked away by a swift long boat. Cruise through the islands, soaking in the natural beauty. Your unforgettable journey awaits.

If you are considering planning a trip to Espritu Santo or Aore Island, allow us to assist you in tailoring your journey, covering everything from accommodations to exciting day tours. Click here for personalised support.

For any inquiries, feel free to contact the team at Lapita via WhatsApp at +6785980005 or send an email to [email protected]. For more information, you can visit these websites:
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The team at Lapita are dedicated to ensuring you have a memorable and pleasurable experience during your time in Vanuatu. Reach out to them for a customised exploration of the offerings at Lapita Beach Aore Island and the neighbouring island of Espritu Santo

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7,000 Vatu min 2 people per adult
4,000 Vatu per child*
2 - 6 guests per day Fare
4 to 6 hours

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*Children pricing for years 14 and under