PADI Diving at Turtle Bay

PADI Diving at Turtle Bay Wow, Turtle Bay Lodge sounds like an amazing destination for scuba diving enthusiasts! The location on the East Coast of Espiritu Santo Vanuatu seems absolutely stunning, with easy access to blue holes and beautiful dive sites. It’s great to hear that they offer a wide range of diving experiences for […]

Aore Adventure Sports & Lodge

Aore Adventure Sports & Lodge Diving and fishing with Aore Adventure Sports & Lodge sounds like an incredible experience! With their extensive experience, personalized service, and focus on safety, you’re sure to have an unforgettable time exploring the underwater world and fishing in the pristine waters of Espiritu Santo. From diving WWII wrecks like the […]

Vanuatu Adventure Holiday

Vanuatu Adventure Holiday Wow, the Aore Island Vanuatu Adventure Holiday Package sounds absolutely amazing! It seems like a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. From exploring the plantation on a 4WD tour to snorkeling in a private marine reserve and enjoying a beach BBQ and bonfire, every day is filled with exciting activities. The Sunset […]

Snorkelling Aore Island Vanuatu

Snorkelling Aore Island Vanuatu It sounds like you have an amazing adventure planned for snorkeling and a boat tour at Aore Island in Vanuatu! The cruise down the Segound channel between Aore and Espritu Santo to Lapita beach sounds like a picturesque journey, and snorkeling at Lapita Plantations private marine reserve must be a fantastic […]