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Local Hand Line Fishing Aore Island With Sean

Wow, Sunset Fishing with Sean sounds like an incredible experience! Fishing in such a picturesque location between Aore Island and Malo while enjoying the stunning sunset must be truly unforgettable. The opportunity to catch a variety of fish, from coral trout to dog tooth tuna, adds an exciting element to the adventure.

For those who are more serious about fishing, bringing your own gear or even trying spearfishing can make the experience even more thrilling. And for those who simply want to enjoy the sunset and relax, the cruise along the coastline of Aore Island sounds like a perfect way to unwind.

Having the option to end the day with a cold drink at Smugglers Bar or with a delicious dinner adds a nice touch to the whole experience. Plus, having drinks and snacks available on the boat is a great way to enjoy the journey back as the sun sets.

If you’re looking for more information or want to customise your tour, contacting Sean via WhatsApp +6785980005 seems like a great idea. I hope you have an amazing time on your Sunset Fishing adventure with Sean!

What to bring.
1. Camera
2. Swimming gear if you feel inclined
3. Sunscreen and towel
4. Gloves. (Can be purchased cheaply at LCM)
5. You spearfishing you must have your own gear.

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8,000vt per adult
5,000vt per child*
2 - 4 guests
4 hours
+678598005 or WhatsApp

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*Children pricing for years 14 and under