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Black Pearl Resort on Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu, is a hidden gem located on the east coast of the island. Just a 15-minute drive from town and a 40-minute boat ride from Aore Island, this resort offers a perfect blend of luxury and natural beauty.

The resort’s restaurant is renowned as one of the best on the island, offering delicious meals and refreshing drinks with a stunning view of the ocean. The protected beach at Black Pearl is ideal for a relaxing swim or sunbathing.

Accommodation options at Black Pearl range from spacious rooms to waterfront bungalows. The self-contained private pool villas are a highlight, featuring fully equipped kitchens, large living areas, and private decks overlooking the water. The tropical trade winds in the afternoons create a serene atmosphere, perfect for unwinding and enjoying the breathtaking views.

A must-try at the resort is the Black Pearl Seafood Platter, showcasing the freshest local ingredients and flavors. The attentive staff at Black Pearl can also help arrange transportation for guests to explore nearby attractions like Smugglers Bar, Lapita Beach, or Champagne Beach for a memorable day trip.

To experience the beauty and tranquility of Black Pearl Resort, contact the resort directly for bookings or inquiries. With its exceptional service, stunning location, and luxurious amenities, Black Pearl is set to become one of the must-visit resorts in Northern Vanuatu. The staff at Black Pearl can organise a bus or taxi to drop you at Smugglers Bar. The landing point for
Lapita Beach Day tour or get picnicking lunch from the resort and head to Champagne Beach for lunch and swim.

For more information contact the resort directly for bookings. Please fill out enquiry form. Black Perl set to become one of Northern Vanuatu must see resorts

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35,000vt / night

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